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Custom Tile Work Co. In business 43 years Servicing San Diego County Second generation Tile contractor. We specialize in Master bathrooms remodels & shower renovation. Visit our PHOTO GALLERY to see some of our past tile installation & bathrooms remodel projects. Let us bring your visions to life. Call us today.

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CONTACT INFO     760) 634-3896 Email

  • Shower valves and finish.
  • Seamless glass enclosures.
  • Granite counter top
  • Vanity Installation.
  • Discount on tiles.

 Master Bathroom Remodels, 

Shower & Tub combination: we take it from start to finish. Demo of existing tile, fiberglass unit, vanity's, mirrors, flooring etc. Carpentry work build dam, seat and install the backing for waterproofing, frame niche. waterproof shower pan. Install new pee trap and drain, shower valves and finish, paper, lath & wire float walls (Mortar Method) to insure flat, level, square walls to install your tiles on,(Prep is everything) Install tiles .

  • Bathroom renovations & Installation of
  • Shower Tile.
  • Waterproofing shower pan & niches.
  • Bathtub conversion into a tile walk-in shower.
  • Fiberglass unit replaced with a walk in tiled shower.
  • Steam shower.
  • Tile over tub.
  • Free standing tub.
  • Light weight tub.

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