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Mortar Method tile installation Shower Stall. 

Custom tile work co.      Installation methods

Wall tile, Stall Showers & Tile over Tubs.We use mortar method installation. first aqua bar paper,  Metal lath, then a scratch coat,and brown (Floated) to in sure proper plum, level and flatness. Tile done right. (see wall tile note below)

Floors:  I inspect your floor for slab cracks. we offer anti fracture membrane (optional) on entire floor or just over slab cracks, this help prevents slab cracks from coming Thur and cracking tile. Install ceramic or porcelain tile with a modified thin set to insure proper bonding. we back butter tiles where needed for flatness and no lip-page.  Install 1/4" hardie backer board over sub floors, (plywood) prior to tile installation.

Counter Tops:  Cover and protect, then aqua bar paper over ruff top, metal lath and float. Then install your tile per your custom design.

BACK SPLASH:  Cover and protect Cabinet,counter,floor prior to back splash Installation, remove plug and switch plates loosen switches, straighten walls,then Install your tile per your custom design.  

Natural Stone Tiles;  All stone tiles are first sorted, blended for color, then dry lay for visibility. Each tile is back butter to ensure proper bonding using a modified thin set.  Then each tile is install in wet motor, this gives you a nice flat surface (No Lip page). Bull nose exposed edges on job sight. Sealant optional.

Demo (Tear out)  Tent all opening areas to contain dust, cover all cabinets with plastic. Remove existing tile, or other existing surfaces and haul away.

Wall Tile Note: Custom Tile Work Co. doesn't use wonder board, den shield, or hardie backer,or  wedi system, boards  for wall tile installations in shower stalls or tile over tubs,it's is mostly used by home owners (do it your selfers) or (handyman jack of all trades master of none) doing their own installation. The board is only as good as good as the studs you place them on, studs are usually out of plum,not level, not square, they also bow in & out and twist. Your board has a quarter of the strength of your mortar method. We use a mortar method installation, it's much stronger! and will out last any type of board installation. with a mortar method installation it's Plum, level and square, there is no comparison, it takes years to learn this,technique to be able to do it right. It's more expensive because of the hard labor and extra steps, but it's the right way and I'm all about quality. (Tile done right since 1977).

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