travertine Custom tiled Master bathroom.

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Convert tub to Tile shower

Custom Tile work Co. Hire us to convert tub to shower. We will help you with design of your new custom tiled walk in shower stall. We start by removing your old tub, whether it is a fiberglass unit,a cast iron tub or steal tub. Remove existing tile and haul away. At this time we can renovate your shower extend walls, add seat, what ever you have in mind. Install new shower valve, your choice of a single handle or a hand held with adjustable shower head on sliding bar or rain shower head from ceiling or both with a divert er. Install new pee trap, shower drain that works with water proofing.  waterproof shower pan. Lath & scratch then float (MORTAR METHOD INSTALLATION). Install tile of your choice. We deal with a variety of tile dealers. offering as optional s  shampoo shelves, shampoo niches, tile accent bands, inlays. Visit our photo gallery at top off this page # 3 hundreds of photos of Custom tiled showers.

WE TAKE IT FROM START TO FINISH. I will go over each step with you prior to start and provide you with a work performance schedule document.  TILE DONE RIGHT SINCE 1977

Tub conversion into a walk in tiled shower stall.

Photos of converted bathtubs into a custom tiled walk in shower.