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 Bathtub conversion into a custom tiled walk-in shower

Let us bring dream to life with our decades of experience We will help you design your new custom tiled walk-in shower . Demo the existing tub whether it is a fiberglass unit,a cast iron tub or steal tub also the existing tile down to the studs and haul away. At this time we can renovate your shower extend walls, add seat, what ever you have in mind. Install new shower fixtures of your choice a single handle or add a hand held with adjustable shower head on a slide bar or rain shower head from ceiling or mounted on the shower wall . Install a new pee trap and drain, waterproof the shower pan. Lath & scratch then float (MORTAR METHOD INSTALLATION). Install tile of your choice. We deal with a variety of tile dealers and give the customer a discount on tiles. we offer installation of shampoo shelves, shampoo niches, tile accent bands, inlays. seats, also frame less glass with a 28-inch door or sliding doors.

One stop shop all workmanship is guaranteed.

Visit our photo gallery at top off this page # 3 hundreds of photos of Custom tiled showers.


Bids by appointment only Fill out the form and john will call to schedule in-home appointment. What type of home detach home, Condo, high riser. etc.

Name, address, Phone #

Only bidding on Shower renovation,Bathtub conversion into walk-in tiled shower, fiberglass unit replaced with a tiled shower..

Water proof shower pan & Seat.

Mortar Method (lath scratch & brown)

Prep is everything.

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