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45 + years in business, family owned and operated. Servicing North San Diego County.

Shower renovations: (Demo) existing shower. Install new single handle shower valves with option of hand held on a slide bar, over head rain shower head. New drain. Waterproofing of the shower pan. We offer horizontal or vertical accent bands, shampoo niches, Diagonal or bench seats. professional tile installation prep is everything. We use the MORTAR METHOD INSTALLATION install metal lath (wire) and leveling mortar bed (Float) to insure flatness, level, square. (THIS IS NO WONDER BOARD or HARDIE BACKER BOARD INSTALLATION) This is a Top shelf Professional preparation for tile installation. This is a ONE STOP SHOP . 

TILE DONE RIGHT SINCE 1977 visit our photo gallery from your PC

Custom Tile Work Co                           Call Today to schedule an appointment 760-634-3896

1611 S. Melrose Dr. # 249                      or email to

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                                                                1. Bathtub conversion, into a tiled                                                                                                                                                                                     walk-in shower. 

License # 349229                                    2.Shower renovation , removal of fiberglass unit and replaced with                                                                                                                                 a tiled shower.

                                                                 3.Kitchen tile backsplash installation.

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